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Tuvster's News

Posted by Tuvster - 8 days ago

After reciving the notice that my oc sprites were leaked thanks to some virgin olderchat guys I decided to make them public so their damage will be worthless for me.

First we have Kessler, my secondary oc who's a normal civilian of Retropolis who's someone really skilled and able to fitgh for a long time without getting tired, he's strong and fast when he gets in a lotta troubles, but sometimes he can get into really bad situations and get hurt or even die depending the situation, so make sure to animate him weak sometimes!


Kessler's Sprites: https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/638caa20b93b2a7509384b707049a8f1

Secondly we have Bibi, my main oc and protagonist of my series, Feelings, she's a normal civilian of Retropolis too, whose life changed after the events of curiosity where she started to figth for the good and to save Retropolis from the AAHW, Bibi isn't that much skilled at figthing and she is a really weak character when she has to figth by her own, she likes bubble gums a LOT so don't and NEVER try to pop them! because it enrages her to the point of bringing ou her inner fury.


Bibi's sprites: https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/54124ca866e8e17da8f65a866f5527b5

That's all, speciall thanks to Gasoo and happydays for having so much free time to do it, hope ya'll can get out of home someday and have a life instead of staying the whole day in front of pc trying to dick into someone else's stuff.


Posted by Tuvster - 2 weeks ago

Before starting this post if you haven't seen Curiosity alredy here's the link of it:


Regarding to it's results all I have to say is, thank you, thank you so much for the reception it had and all the reviews and comments that aside of making me happy, some of them left me solid critisism and tips that I'll use to impove as much as I can in my future projects or animations.

Secondly regarding to future projects, the production of the episode 2 is starting to be something at this point, and today I'll deliver you some of the progress I've got so far of the very early production.

As having Victor's redesign wich will be the actual protagonist of the next episode


And the main antagoist of the episode's sprites


Also including in this post some previews of the animatics of the movie



And last but not least, air eyes has uploaded a new track of his just TODAY wich is higly asociated to the series so go and give this mass a worthy opportunity to the listen,




Posted by Tuvster - February 21st, 2021

More spicy peeks for the project wich is having a strong remake of the first escenes to have a balance in the quality.





And some extra stuff I did from 0 so there isn't any comparison of quality.



From now on all that is needed to be finished of this movie is the soundwork and polish some escenes to have the best to come from me.


Posted by Tuvster - January 24th, 2021

Decided to make him public since I felt stupid sending it to everyone who asked for him and not giving any restriction,so here he goes.iu_230196_7808117.jpg

CS6: https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/f99fe315db755913d7f8d6827fafa5af

SWF: https://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/f3535edf5c074eaf7295dfd82c48718b


Posted by Tuvster - December 17th, 2020

Thank you for selecting Retropolis as your new residence,you may now rest and enjoy the peace that abounds here, enjoying of daily and nonstop music and partys everywhere, far from the improvability powers and far from the A.A.H.W. Without anything else to say,



Well....Remember when I told you about peacefull? Just forget it.


Residents spoted A.A.H.W. units hidden in a abandoned ciggarettes factory, they're a big threat for us, so you must stay at your homes and seek for safeplaces. We'll inform if it's needed to evacuate the city. Some witnesses seen 2 civilians infiltrating the factory, seems they're having a conflict with the A.A.H.W. forces. We'll keep you informed.



Curiosity,the name of my upcoming animation wich is getting bigger and bigger while i'm working foward on it, it's about the prequel of my REAL project called FEELINGS,it will work as an introduction of the lore, characters and protagonist, I could've simply made everything on the main movie (feelings) but i made the desition to split the movie in 2,making a short prequel to the big mass I've got in mind,since I think it's worth to introduce everything of the movie and explain everything about the story in an easier way, I have been working on this short just after I relased the failed attempt of Hank's Fate and I can say that I improved a lot since that, including artwork, animation quality, backgrounds and effects so I have big expectations on this piece, and I also can say that I'm close to finish this movie since the production started to get serious and faster.

I've put myself a deadline for this project wich was december of this current year (2020) but this project started to get really ambitious while I worked foward on it and I had to delay the deadline, considering the way I'm making progress I think that the movie will be ready to get out of the oven to January-February 2021 wich it's length is (By the time I'm writing this) 3 minutes long.

Now I will drop some pictures of some of the current Finished-Almost Finished escenes.




FEELINGS was always a project that was in my mind and I have been working on since january of this year,but since I have been improving along this year the movie was re-started many times to upgrade the animation quality wich took me to and endless circle of 0 progress, it's aslo worth mentioning that in my newgrounds page I uploaded some post about the movie wich are now worthless since the story was too simple by that time and I recently took myself to write a better and more interesting story than it was before, after doing that I took myself a rest of this project making collab parts and Hank's Fate to gain experience and skills and now I'm finally getting ready to make this project be a thing with, Curiosity apart from being a prequel and a way to create a kind of "hype" it's still an excuse to gain more skills and practice to bring to the public a product that is really worth.

Without anything else to say,thanks for reading and have a nice day.




Posted by Tuvster - October 26th, 2020

Something is coming.


Welcome to Retropolis.



Posted by Tuvster - October 5th, 2020


Oi man thanks for those 90 fans,I apreciate that and it put my emotions up man.

And now some little things I've wanted to show.iu_176224_7808117.gif

Some experimental shit.


Got a new OC up and migth do something interesting to introduce her to my tiny project.



That should be everything,thanks A LOT for those 90 fans and take care bro,have a nice day.


Edit: the first image is supposed to be a gif but i don't know why it's so laggy,I apologize for that



Posted by Tuvster - September 22nd, 2020

Happy madness day to everyone I hope ya'll enjoy watching movies and stuff,I planed a solo for this year but I just ended cancelling it so here's the results of it


so yeah I hope the next year I can do something decent and atleast finish it lol


Posted by Tuvster - June 13th, 2020

I want to post something so I'm going to post some images and updates about me.

I'm involved in some collabs this year,the first ones i'm participating,those are phobia,multiworld,cellfic2 and a secret one,there's a little escene collab too.


Also I'm making a solo movie/short that i'm not going to relase for madness day,maybe yes but I'm searching to do my best with this movie and doing collab parts for now will help me to improve and relase at least a decent product,the plot is just the history about my oc(Kessler),he got involved into some drug smuggling problembs in Miami so the aahw (who acts as the law in Miami)and narcs will try to kill him so the actual animation wil be a kind of free for all figth.For now I've got only 1350 frames done(2 escenes)without including the tittle,also since we are talking about tittles the actual name of the movie will be "FEELINGS".


To make some variety on character designes I've been making more guysiu_132296_7808117.png

took a lot of inspiration on vice city civilians for this guys.


and last but not least Nexgoo offered to remake my oc,I'm really thanked for that!thanks a lot

I think that this is all for now! I really apologize for my bad english and grammer errors but i hope you can understand what I've said lmao

Bye Bye!


Posted by Tuvster - April 27th, 2020

gonna pop some pics cuz why notiu_115567_7808117.jpg

just units lol,thinking of putting the miami guy as a secundary OC or just as an enemy,idk


mah OC.

okay that's it have a good day